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After the funeral

The hardest part has been completed, however you still have to consider what happens after the funeral.

The Wake

A Wake is often held after a funeral, enabling the mourners to get together for refreshments. The venue may be the family home, a hotel, public house or restaurant, or similar meeting place.

Many people don’t plan to go to the wake after a funeral, but do in fact end up going as close family ask them to. If you really don’t have the time to go to the wake then make it clear to the family that you would have liked to attend but you have to return to work etc. If you only have limited time you would attend the funeral, not choose to attend the wake instead.

There might be a book available for messages at the wake. If there is do write in it, the family will want to recall that you were there.

What do I say to the family?

No one ever really knows what to say to the close family of the person who has died. It can be even more difficult when the death was not expected, as everyone is stunned and shocked. Just be honest and remember that a hug can say more than many words. Offer your sympathy with sincerity and keep your words simple and heartfelt.

Try not to say ‘I know how you feel’, this isn’t helpful. References to others you have lost and other funerals you have been to won’t help either..


  • Avoid laughing loudly or talking on your mobile phone, taking pictures on your phone or texting
  • Do not leave your phone on so that it rings during the ceremony
  • Do not eat or drink during the funeral ceremony
  • Funerals usually contain some humour so you don’t need to be stony faced at all. It’s an opportunity to remember the person fondly.

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Funeral Directors

Find a Funeral Director in your local area. There are some 4000 in the UK.

Natural Burial Grounds

Discover Natural Burial Grounds in beauty spots,  where burials can take place.

Coffin and Casket Suppliers

Discover the options available to you for coffin and caskets.

Probate Services

Find specialist probate practicioners in your local area.


If a religious minister is not required, find a celebrant in your local area.


There are around 14,000 cemeteries in the UK. Find one in your local area.

Bereavment Support

Bereavement Support is available throughout the UK find local support.

Venues for Wakes

Discover a range of suitable venues to hold the wake in your area.


Find a crematorium in your local area, we have thousands to choose from.

Florists & Memorial Care

Find the best flowers and flower arrangements for the day.

Register Offices

Need to register a death? Find your nearest Register Office here.

Where to Stay

Find hotels, bed & breakfast and other accomodation near the venue.

Our map contains listings of the organisations and services which are here to help you in your funeral plans.

The map enables you to search for the funeral services you require in your desired area, and see their exact location. The online map makes it easy to share information with family and friends.

We understand that, for many people, attending a funeral is also very difficult - there are often many questions to ask about funeral etiquette, particularly if you have never before been to a funeral. Our section 'Attending a Funeral' is a handy guide through some of the range of frequently asked questions relating to going to a funeral.

There is also a useful list of funeral services and organisations providing bereavement support, relevant charities and funeral language to help you understand the various terms associated with planning a funeral service.

If you provide any services in relation to funerals and would like to be included on the map, further information can be found here.

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