Your path to local funeral resources

from funeral directors to florists and caterers to venues see what’s available in your area.

arranging a funeral

Arranging a Funeral? Let us guide you through the process...

the funeral map
when someone dies

What to do when someone dies

There are many arrangements to be made and people to be informed following a death.

cremation or burial

Cremation or Burial

The person who has died may have made it clear whether they preferred burial or cremation for their funeral.

funeral ceremony

What type of funeral ceremony?

Decide how much involvement you want to have in the funeral ceremony and who should attend.

type of ceremony

Choosing a funeral Director

You need to be comfortable with the funeral director that you choose as you are putting your trust in them.

funeral costs

Funeral costs

Since 2004, the cost of funerals has risen by an average of 7% a year. Discover the average costs.

funeral flowers

Choosing Flowers

Flowers have been part of funerals throughout history, decide what you feel is right for the funeral.

Looking for local funeral services? Use our map to narrow the search...

Planning a funeral can be one of the most difficult things you ever have to do. is a unique concept, bringing together independent advice on the things you need to know in order to arrange a funeral service, along with easy-to-find contact details for the various organisations and services you will need to call upon at this time.

Our list of funeral services and our funeral planning guide helps to take the stress away and provide the information you need to plan the perfect funeral service and send off for your loved one.

Our map contains listings of the organisations and services which are here to help you in your funeral plans.

attending a funeral

Your path to local funeral resources starts here, browse by category.

Funeral Directors

Find a Funeral Director in your local area. There are some 4000 in the UK.

Natural Burial Grounds

Discover Natural Burial Grounds in beauty spots,  where burials can take place.

Coffin and Casket Suppliers

Discover the options available to you for coffin and caskets.

Probate Services

Find specialist probate practicioners in your local area.


If a religious minister is not required, find a celebrant in your local area.


There are around 14,000 cemeteries in the UK. Find one in your local area.

Bereavment Support

Bereavement Support is available throughout the UK find local support.

Venues for Wakes

Discover a range of suitable venues to hold the wake in your area.


Find a crematorium in your local area, we have thousands to choose from.

Florists & Memorial Care

Find the best flowers and flower arrangements for the day.

Register Offices

Need to register a death? Find your nearest Register Office here.

Where to Stay

Find hotels, bed & breakfast and other accomodation near the venue.

Our map contains listings of the organisations and services which are here to help you in your funeral plans.

The map enables you to search for the funeral services you require in your desired area, and see their exact location. The online map makes it easy to share information with family and friends.

We understand that, for many people, attending a funeral is also very difficult – there are often many questions to ask about funeral etiquette, particularly if you have never before been to a funeral. Our section ‘Attending a Funeral’ is a handy guide through some of the range of frequently asked questions relating to going to a funeral.

There is also a useful list of funeral services and organisations providing bereavement support, relevant charities and funeral language to help you understand the various terms associated with planning a funeral service.

If you provide any services in relation to funerals and would like to be included on the map, further information can be found here.

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