Choosing Funeral Flowers

Mar 6, 2017

If you are in the process of planning either your own funeral or someone else's, then funeral flowers and florists are likely to be high on your list of things to look at. Whilst there’s no wrong or right when it comes to choosing flowers, there are certain blooms that are most typically associated with funeral services, due to the meaning of the colour or name.


Lilies symbolise innocence and purity, and are often displayed at funerals as they serve to express the innocence restored to the soul of the departed. Stargazer lilies are a particular favourite, as they symbolise sympathy.


A very popular funeral flower (and often one of the cheapest) are carnations. They last a long time so can be taken home after the service by family and friends, and stand for remembrance, love and innocence.


Roses are beautiful flowers for any occasion and at a funeral will evoke a range of emotions including love, grace, innocence and reverence. Specifically, dark red roses stand for grief and sorrow, white roses youthfulness and pink roses love and grace. If a single rose is included in a bouquet of other flowers, this expresses enduring love.


Gladioli are tall flowers so look best displayed in standing vases and fan sprays. These are elegant flowers which embody moral integrity and sincerity, and available in a range of colours including red, white, pink and even green.

Daffodils and Tulips

Daffodils and Tulips are typically spring flowers that stand as a symbol of fresh starts and renewal. These are often used both at the funeral service and also given as gifts to the friends and family of the departed to send hope and encouragement along with best wishes.


White potted orchids are often sent by others as a sign of sympathy and can be displayed at the funeral then taken home by the family afterwards to nurture and grow as a tribute to the deceased.