QR Code on gravestone connects the dead

Sep 10, 2012

A photograph of the UK’s first interactive headstone – fitted with a QR code to allow visitors to find out about the deceased, has been displayed on the Sun Website.

The revolutionary way to remember loved ones is being launched by a funeral directors company in Dorset.

The Quick Response codes can be scanned by mobile phones to launch a biography of the deceased on a website.

The online page triggered by the small barcode-type squares can show a profile of the person, pictures and videos of them and tributes from family and friends.

One of the first customers to use the modern technology is widow Gill Tuttiett.

The 53-year-old manager had a QR code installed on the grave of late husband Timothy after he died suddenly from a heart failure last year aged 55.

Gill decided to install the code because her husband embraced new technology.

She added: “I like that we are in control of what is on the website and if we don’t like something we can take it down.”

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