Register Offices

In England and Wales, you normally need to register the death within five days. It's best to go to the register office in the area where the person died, as otherwise it may take longer to get the documents you need and this could delay the funeral. It will take about half an hour to register the death. You will probably need to make an appointment beforehand and you will find contact details for the register office in your local area on funeralmap.

Usually a relative registers the death but if no relative is available it can be someone present at the death, the person who found the body or who is in charge of the body or the person making the arrangements with the funeral directors.

When registering a death, you will need to take the following: medical certificate of the cause of death certificate. Try to take the person’s birth certificate, marriage or civil partnership certificate and NHS Medical Card with you as well.

You will need to tell the registrar the person’s full name, any names previously used, their date and place of birth, their last address, their occupation, the name, date of birth and occupation of any surviving spouse or civil partner and whether they were getting a state pension or any other state benefit.

You have eight days to register a death in Scotland and the law allows a death to be registered in any registration district in Scotland.