A crematorium is a place where cremation services take place and funeral ceremonies are held. There will be a chapel where the funeral itself is held and crematorium staff that will assist mourners attending the funeral.

There are usually gardens of remembrance surrounding the buildings, which are quiet and peaceful locations with plenty of seating. Information about Books of Remembrance and other forms of memorialisation will be available from the office staff based at the site.

There are some 300 Crematoria in the UK offering cremation services and they are listed on funeralmap. The same location may also have a cemetery and a woodland burial site attached.

Usually the time allotted for a funeral is 30 minutes to 45 minutes but two slots can be booked for a longer funeral ceremony if needed, as long as this is done at the time of booking, as it will be more difficult to change once the time has been booked.

The crematorium office will be able to advise when the ashes that remain after cremation are available for collection and either the funeral director will collect these for you or you can do this yourself. Most Crematoria offer a cremation service for the scattering of ashes in the crematorium grounds and information on this will be available from the site office.