What to wear to a funeral

People attending a funeral don’t dress entirely in black these days, most people choose to wear more formal clothes like a suit, dress or jacket.

Men generally remove their hats during the actual service and often wear a black or dark tie. The main thing is not to wear clothes that would draw attention to you by being too casual, flamboyant or revealing.

Some people think that bright clothing is not appropriate but others may ask everyone to wear a particularly bright colour or type of clothing. It is worth checking beforehand with those organising the funeral.

It is worth noting that some religions have specific clothing requirements - for example at Greek Orthodox ceremonies you are expected you to cover your head. You can call the funeral director arranging the funeral for the family for advice on this.

If there is to be a burial, you will be outside for at least some of the funeral so make sure you have warm clothing. It could be muddy and slippery, so wear flat rather than high heeled shoes or boots. Churches and some crematoria can be also quite cold in winter months. The most important thing is to be comfortable and dress for the weather. Don't forget an umbrella if the weather merits it.