Donations at funerals

If you would like funeral donations to be made to a specific charity in memory of the person who has died the first step is to select the charity. There may be a charity, or more than one, that immediately comes to mind and our ‘Helpful Organisations’ section lists most of the main charities with their current contact details.

Funeral donations can be made in several ways.  Funeral directors will assist and donations can be sent to the funeral director who will collect up the total amount, sent it to the charity and then send you a summary of what was collected. Where to send donations is often written on the back of any Order of Ceremony distributed at the funeral.

Sometimes there is a donation plate at the actual funeral and the funeral director will collect the money at the funeral and pass it to the charity themselves. 

Sometimes a family member is nominated as the person who will collect the donations and send it off to the charity. It is also possible for people to send donations directly to the charity, just search the specific charity websites for information on how to do this.