Coffins and Caskets


Coffins and Caskets

A coffin can be made of many different materials. A casket is a term used mainly for more expensive high-end coffins that are sometimes made of metal but are generally quite detailed with delicate designs.

The choice of coffin can be bewildering, not only with the type of material used in its construction but in the type of burial proposed.

Traditional coffins would have been made of wood such as oak, pine or mahogany with an outer veneer and a lacquer coat to give it its shine. Today with the increasingly popular Eco-Funeral many woodland burial sites require a coffin to be made of biodegradable materials.

Eco coffins, therefore, can be made of solid wood or MDF and, to avoid the use of veneers and lacquers, is given a paper wrap to give it its final look which can be printed with photographic images or colourful designs of your choice. Also available are cardboard coffins made with 100% recycled materials which have a cotton wrap and can be embellished as above. More natural materials, such as Rattan, wool, bamboo, banana leaves and seagrass are becoming increasingly popular.

The choice is extensive with options to suit every taste and budget.