Choosing music

Music is incredibly emotive at funerals. The right piece of music can reflect exactly the sentiment that you want to portray.  So take your time and choose carefully, when planning the funeral ceremony content.

Do be aware that a particularly well loved piece of music, if it is played at the funeral, may always later on be associated with the funeral and can't be listened to again in quite the same way.

Often families already have the music to be played at the funeral either as a CD, record or tape recording. If there are no obvious pieces of music then crematorium staff, ministers and celebrants can advise on popular choices of suitable music and they can also advise on how to source specific pieces of music when only some of the details are known, such as the title or the first line.

Be careful about obtaining the right version of a piece of music as there can be several versions, sung or played by different musicians.

There are usually opportunities for three pieces of music to be planned into a funeral ceremony, one piece on entry, one on exit and one when the final farewell is said during the ceremony, sometimes called the ‘committal’.

Talk to the funeral director, minister, celebrant or crematorium staff about the details of who is providing the music and making sure it is in the right location and played at the right time.