Choosing flowers

Flowers have been part of funerals throughout history, but as with all aspects of the funeral, decide what you feel is right for the funeral you are organising.

Any florist will advise you but these are the most commonly used arrangement types for funerals:

Wreath - A floral presentation often used because a circle symbolizes eternal life.
Spray - Flowers designed for viewing from one side only. Sprays are often placed on an easel stand.
Floral Arrangement - An assortment of fresh flowers in a vase, basket or other container.
Casket Spray - Flowers designed for the top of the coffin, usually ordered by the family.
Inside Piece - A general term to describe small floral designs placed inside the coffin such as satin, hearts, nosegays or small sprays

Flowers are a meaningful part of the funeral as they add beauty to the occasion, they provide something to talk about and look at, whether the ceremony is a cremation or a burial.

You can still send flowers even if you found out about the death after the funeral was over. A floral arrangement received at the home after the funeral can be a comforting, welcome reminder that friends haven't forgotten. In fact, research shows that bereaved family and friends appreciate being thought of in the weeks or months after the funeral. A personal note or 'we are thinking of you' message with the flowers would be appreciated. Any support you can offer will let the family know you care.