Funeral Arranging

Information and advice on arranging a funeral

Planning a funeral can be one of the most difficult things you ever have to do, whether it is for someone else or you are arranging your own funeral. The very idea of arranging a funeral is both stressful and draining. There are personal decisions to make, as well as legal requirements which have to be observed at a time when life is very difficult.

We hope the information below will be helpful for making funeral arrangements. It tells you what to do both first after someone has died and then in the days following. It also gives advice on the choices you need to make about the funeral arrangements. Decisions such as whether there should be a cremation or burial, the type of funeral ceremony, flowers, music and poetry for the ceremony, how to find an undertaker or funeral director and someone to lead the ceremony; all of these will be key as to how the day goes and we want to take the stress out of planning a funeral service.

Image: NHS booklet - When Someone has Died The NHS booklet 'When Someone has Died' includes advice on how to go about planning a funeral, and offers practical responses to the many frequently asked questions relating to dealing with a death and the resulting funeral arrangements that need to be made. The booklet can be downloaded here.

Whether you are planning a funeral for a loved one or planning your own funeral, the following links contain useful information relating to all aspects of arranging a funeral, including the legal elements that you need to be aware of.

Further information on attending a funeral, can be found here




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Funeral Choices
Cremation or burial?
Coffins and caskets
Choosing a funeral
What type of funeral ceremony?
Donations at funerals
Choosing flowers
Choosing music
Choosing poetry and readings
Funeral transport

Questions to ask when making funeral arrangements
Questions to ask the funeral director
Questions to a minister or celebrant
Questions to ask crematorium, cemetery or natural burial staff
General Questions about planning a funeral
Funeral costs
Who to inform about a death
Funeral language