About the Funeral Map

This site was created by a desire to make really current and accurate information available to those trying to arrange a funeral.

From which funeral director to who will conduct the ceremony, there is so much to decide upon. We have put everything in one visual online place and hope it helps you find what you need.

Funeralmap.co.uk was established by Anne Barber of Civil Ceremonies who has over a decade of experience in the funeral industry during which time she introduced the concept of Civil Funerals to the UK. Anne recognised that times are changing in funeral choices and bereaved families needed more information, preferably in an easy to use format.

Launched on 1st August 2011, the first phase of funeralmap.co.uk sees listings for crematoria, funeral directors, cemeteries, woodland burial sites, register offices and bereavement support organisations across the UK. A dedicated team of researchers spent six months working on finding and verifying the information for the site, which will be regularly updated to ensure it remains current.

There is much support already for the site

Alan Slater, Chief Executive Office of The National Association of Funeral Directors, supports the initiative:

'NAFD is pleased to support the launch of the 'funeralmap' website. This excellent initiative will be of real benefit to the bereaved and I encourage members to support it fully.'
Alan Slater, CEO, National Association of Funeral Directors

NAMM treasurer Brent Stevenson was the first memorial mason to feature on the site and says:

I believe not everybody would know where to go for a funeral director, a monumental mason, a florist or a crematorium.

The funeralmap website brings everything for the bereavement industry together in one place so families can log on and hopefully find the appropriate service they require. No other website does that.

We wanted to help support funeralmap by being one of the first to appear under the memorial masons category and now we hope others will take it up as well. I like it because it is quite quick and simple to use, there's no messing around and we hope people will come through to our own website, find something of value and order with us"

As the site develops further funeral related products and services, such as places to stay when attending a funeral, caterers and musicians will become listed.

The Helpful Organisations section details the leading charities that may be able to help you in a specialised way. Again, this information has been checked and verified to make sure it is up to date.

We  are working tirelessly to ensure the best possible information is available on this site. We hope that it helps you.

YouTube Channel : Youtube.com/FuneralMap